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Be compassionate to the needy, Neither squander wealth nor hoard it. Never lose your sense of shame, if questions are asked of you, answer them frankly but do not ask too many yourself. Be manly and of good cheer. Never kill a foe who is begging for mercy and be ever loyal in love

Own your own way

Do Not Go Where The Path May Lead, Go Instead Where There Is No Path And LEAVE a TRAIL ....
By R. Waldo Emerson

Monday, November 23, 2009

One day, Everything will come to an end, we cannot change this but when it happens so early, we perish ourselves or I think we do.

I know that I have a few readers but I have no other people to talk here as so many of them are far away from here or work abroad. I laugh at me because paradoxically even tough I always want to be alone, I am not happy although I am on my own now and I am blue. I do not like myself when I am blue.
It is very easy for me  to charge life with my own faults and I can blame it but I must face with my life and its results and I should not complain because I can hold up these as an example for the rest of my life lest I will perish myself.
There will not be any other excuses or begging for staying together or to be together forever since as it said ,typically, let him\her go and wait to see if s\he comes back. I am tired of being sorry.
There will be no tears anymore.
Goodluck Muammer

We could not manage to be the two parts of an apple.



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Üzülme, dert etme can.
Görebiliyorsan, dokunabiliyorsan, nefes alabiliyorsan,
yürüyebiliyorsan ne mutlu sana.
Elinde olmayanları söyleme bana.
Elinde olanlardan bahset can.
Geceler hep kimsesiz mi geçecek?
Gidenler dönmeyecek mi?
Yitirdiğin her ne ise; bir bakarsın yağmurlu bir gecede veya bir bahar sabahında karşına çıkmış.
Bil ki, güzellikler de var bu hayatta.
Gel Git’lerin olmadığı bir hayat düşünebilir misin?
Hüzün olgunlaştırır,
Kaybetmek sabrı öğretir.