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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hide and Seek in 9/11/2009 It was wonderful

We had so many problems but now there is nothing that i have to worry about, this is a great feelling or falling related to my beloved.  My brother got engaged three days ago and i was planning to go there, actually i was going to witness my brother`s one of the most important days. But somebody phoned me that day, it was Yasemin and she said that she had came to Istanbul. She was about to get on the plane and I was going to another city at this time. So i had to changed my route to the SAW Sabiha Gokcen International Airport, and also i had to find a reasonable excuse for not going with my family. I had to lie my family and i said them i was called from work and if i hadnt go i would be fired. Even though they didnt seem to believe, they would know how much i give importance to my family so they pretended to believe. Anyway, i had been waiting for an hour when Yasemin arrived. We went to Camlicafor having breakfast, here are some pics of it   

I adore this view and it is my habit to have breakfast here at the weekend ( by the way i havent upload our pics on my computer yet, when i do it i let you see them.
We had a great breakfast there and then we wander around Camlica for a while, we have came to believe that we cannot exist without each other. I and of course Yasemin were very happy. I decided to take small ISTANBUL tour with Yasemin. my instant plan was that

  1. to go somewhere in which  we cannot be disturbed by anybody

  2. to have a moment by the bosphorus with silence and seagulls

  3. to show Yasemin one of my favourite places in Istanbul; Tema, here is its pic  

  4. to eat something at Tema then go to Kadikoy (  the place in which i have spent my life and sorrow)

we followed this plan one by one, it was really great. there Yasemin was and i havent noticed how much i miss her till i see her again after months, this was our problem. As soon as we come together, we forget everything. But the time passed so quickly and i had to sent her back to Trabzon ( the city i hate most) Goodbye Yasemin = i am going to miss you.

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