My Motto

Be compassionate to the needy, Neither squander wealth nor hoard it. Never lose your sense of shame, if questions are asked of you, answer them frankly but do not ask too many yourself. Be manly and of good cheer. Never kill a foe who is begging for mercy and be ever loyal in love

Own your own way

Do Not Go Where The Path May Lead, Go Instead Where There Is No Path And LEAVE a TRAIL ....
By R. Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Translation for a friend's friend


My interest on metallurgical engineering department and metal industry since the early years of my undergraduate education terms has made me study on such a field and it also shows my determination of having a master degree at Metallurgical Engineering Department of İstanbul Technical University to fulfill my aim. I have aimed a career on this field that I am interested in by following the developments and the breakthroughs closely on metal industry and particularly on steel industry. Working at a white shoe firm in this field within mutual trust and happiness  in accordance with the education I received during my undergraduate education and my personal skills means a career that I can eagerly proceed my whole life.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The meanings of my life

Almila the firstborn

My dear daughter named Almila. Now she is one of the most important people in my life. Although she keeps me and her mother awake during the nights, we love her so much. Even a smile is enough to make everything unimportant. God has sent us so unbelieable creature that we neither ignore nor help ourselves love her. It is very indescribable sense. Being father is to make everything for your family. I now can understand that we are a real family.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

This is worthy to be the 200th Post

Eda Alabuga who is my beloved 9th grade student at 9-B of Üsküdar Doğa High School

Bir kızın babasından sonraki kahramanı ögretmenidir. kahramanlar mükemmeldir ama onlarda hastalanabilir. sizde babamdan sonraki kahramanımsınız. o gün fazla yoruldunuz o yuzden öyle oldunuz. gecmis olsun hocam. biliyorumki siz calismadan duramazsınız biran once ıyılesinde gelin sızi cok ozledik hocam. sızi cok seviyoruz tekrar gecmis olsun biran once goruşmek dilegiyle iyi akşamlar...

She says: the second hero of a girl after her father is her teacher. The heroes are perfect however they can also get sicked. You are my hero after my father, I know you got tired very much that day. I hope you get well soon. I know you cannot stand without working. Please get well soon and come to school my dear teacher. We love you so much. Hope to see you as soon as possible. Have a good night.


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Üzülme, dert etme can.
Görebiliyorsan, dokunabiliyorsan, nefes alabiliyorsan,
yürüyebiliyorsan ne mutlu sana.
Elinde olmayanları söyleme bana.
Elinde olanlardan bahset can.
Geceler hep kimsesiz mi geçecek?
Gidenler dönmeyecek mi?
Yitirdiğin her ne ise; bir bakarsın yağmurlu bir gecede veya bir bahar sabahında karşına çıkmış.
Bil ki, güzellikler de var bu hayatta.
Gel Git’lerin olmadığı bir hayat düşünebilir misin?
Hüzün olgunlaştırır,
Kaybetmek sabrı öğretir.