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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Sacrifise 'Festival of Muslim'

Yeah.... Now that a year has passed again and our union (vuslat) is going to finish tomorrow.
We need to understand what Kurban bayrami: sacrifise festival is because it is mostly misunderstood by so many people who are both muslim and nonmuslim.
For being a muslim we just repeat these words" Lailaheh illahlah Muhammeden Rasullullah" that means There is just one GOD and Muhammed is the prophet. We, muslims, do not have to sacrifise animal animals to GOD if we are not rich enough.But It is a fact that like every religion Islam has its own conditions
These are .
  1. One should repeat the sentence that I mention above
  2. Praying( namaz kilmak)
  3. Fasting
  4. Being a pilgrimage
  5. Giving alms
However, God never wants poor people to do all these things of course. These are not mandatory for them. There is inequality in society, there are so many poors and Islam wants rich people to help poor people via this way. Islam aims to focus people`s attentions to the poor lifes and poverty and it tries to make people learn and understand how a person live.
I have read some news about animal sacrifising in India, people sacrifise so many animals to a pagan god and leave the dead bodies of the animals in the field for the god, I think this is nonsense this event should not be compared with the sacrifise festival of muslim because we sacrifise animal for GOD ok but we deliver its meat to people, we do not leave it to vulturs. And I am in some difficulties to understand how god is this that the Indian people believe, we can conclude that this poor (so called god) needs meat to live but GOD that we believe, does not need anything or anybody. GOD ask us to sacrifise animal for our sake.
Please I beg you DO NOT COMPARE this HOLY festival with INDIAN`s stupid festival. GOD gives us mind, wit, intelligence to understand life so GOD cannot force us we HAVE TO understand and evaluate life and death.


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