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Friday, November 13, 2009

Make up Course, God damn it

I am supposed to be off today but somebody told me that she had wanted to have make up course to understand English grammer better than others and I accepted it by thinking that it would be just a few hours so i would still be off, I thought working ,even if it is just a few hours, is better than sleeping at home. However now I am at work and I cannot do what I plan because my student who wants to have make up course is not here and i do not think she will come so i feel myself as a donkey which carries its pack on his back and wake up in all mornings of the week and weekend. I used to come to believe people when I was student and I used to have strong beliefs about people but now I perish myself whenever I  want to be optimistic. I cannot hope anything good about this life, people should respect each other. Ok, it is right they pay money for this language education but I am not anybody`s slave or villein to go and come when desired. Working and Producing make me happy and healtier but seen as an middle age slave does makes me crazy.  I hate people living and feeding themselves carelessly in this country, I do hate people earning money in this country and  who do not pay their taxes, yet now I am one of them I am a capitalism`s modern slave. let me explain you how :-( . I work in a company in which speaking English is taught, "The boss" ask me to sign a two years contract to provide me insurance and to give my legal rights to me and I say that I do not think to work here for a long time. He, by regarding this, offered me to give a work without the job and life safety, but the most painful side is that I have to accept this offer as I need money and I am subjected to a stupid exam to gain my right in Turkey. I am  an English teacher but maths and science are asked to me even if I do not have any further education on them, they do not ask me even one English word but they ,unblushingly, can easily complain about the poor quality of language education in this country.
                "VIVA LA TURQUIE"

So many researches are done in this fuckin` country to show its power, politicians and generals blackmail other countries showing the fake, nominal power of the army but they are still not aware of the importance of the education. Education is the foot of everything, if you educate your youth, you can do everything whatever you want. Germany is the biggest example of this, they were defeated two times in world wars but we should remember that 99 % of the population were literate at that time while we have just 15 % literate people. This is what I mean they didnt ignore to educate the citizens from HANSEL to GRATEL.  NOW They are one of the most powerful ecomomy in this fuckin` world.


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  1. I definitely agree with you. I studied law today and get crazy with the bulshit i have to study. As for that student, some people doesn't have any idea about respect and labour.Tiresome!!!



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