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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yüreğine Sor

Yüreğine Sor
This movie was broadcasted about 2 or 3 months ago however the tickets were not sold out, there was not a box office eruption, i cannot understand why, Despite celebrities and quality work, it could not take attention from people, maybe it is because that the story was about Karadeniz which so many people in Turkey do not know about much. I wanna mention about its story;
Main characters are two families who are real Muslim and a orthodox but the latter show themselves as Muslim not to pay taxes and not to be externalized by Muslim community. Both families' children love each other; man is orthodox girl is Muslim (according to Muslim rules, a Muslim girl cannot marry a non-Muslim man, it is one of the big sins as the religion was conveyed by father and wife has not got authority on family. Mustafa who pretends to be Muslim loves Esma and does not confess his big secret, by the way the time is 19th century and Ottoman period, Orthodox families go on living like that until the Ottoman government decided not to take extra taxes from non Muslim families so church wants orthodox families to announce their real identity to public but Mustafa`s family hesitates to do that because the family has an important place among people as Muslim and they are respected by people and also the family guy ( the oldest one) is a Pilgrim, the pilgrim man is so sick these days he is about to die, his wife want to bury his husband to Christian cemetery so when he dies the wife explains everything to public and expected thing happens; they are externalized. Esma and her family already know the truth. from now on, a traditional marriage is impossible for the young lovers, by the way Mehmet who is Mustafa`s close friend and whose family is the strongest family around there has fallen in love Esma and wants to have her although he knows that Mustafa loves her. Mustafa decides to be a Muslim and go far far away with Esma and they promise each other to meet at night on the bridge. However, Mehmet waits outside lest Esma leaves house without saying anything so he sees Esma while she is going to Mustafa. Mehmet catches Esma and threaten her about killing Mustafa that`s why Esma has to change her idea and lie Mustafa by saying "our relationship is impossible, i am going to marry Mehmet, Farewell Mustafa." In the meanwhile Mustafa`s mother learns that his son decides to leave them and comes to bridge to find Mustafa and burns himself to make his son come out. Mustafa stays in despair as he can neither leave nor marry Esma. However Esma cannot stand this and she chooses to kill her herself by burning instead of leaving Mustafa and marry Mehmet.  

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