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Friday, October 1, 2010

I Feel I Am Going To Apologize

I have posted about 80 stories, words, quotes and so for 14 months. When I first Saw Seyma`s blog. I have fallen in love , yes it is true. I have always wanted to be playwright (sigh) Oh my GOD maybe someday, my plays are going to be performed and read by hundreds thousands of them outside. However, i am aware of that my posts are not well enough, maybe it is because my using English, maybe i cannot express my ideas, feelings right away via English. I think you could excuse that writing in another language is pretty difficult that you force yourself to think the way they think. I do not know though, i am sure about something I WANT TO DEVELOP my English as much as I can. Let`s go back to main subject; why i post here. To tell the truth i even do not it but i  like doing, i love the sense of having able hands, i love feeling that i not that normal or ordinary, i like producing something even though it is not almost known. This is me, i like being alone among tad overdressed communities and crowds. I had been far away from here maybe for 5 months before i started to post something again that is 10 days ago. It is a must for me, I should apologize myself for making me and my few readers sad and make them feel I am no longer here. I should THANK TO my GREATEST GOD, ALLAH for providing me some serenity. Anyway, i read a sentence in a book which was given me 4 months ago but i cannot remember the owner. there it says " Sit, wait and Think in darkness and loneliness if you want to reach the real desire, if you can feel the sound that dances around you, you are at the right place" by ZIVA. I wanna go somewhere for both taste serenity and loneliness but there is a problem i do not want to be alone anymore.

Today was a usual day for me, only uncommon thing is that i went to to eye doctor to get my eyes checked whether they are ok , then i did what i do everyday apart from Fridays as I am off that day. I had 8 hours classes. The first one started at 14:15 and ended at 16:30, my student is a primary school students. I heard it later but her mother told something class hours. She claimed that i left the class before it was over although i had 10 minutes longer class. And i asked front office to call her, the mother and tell her that i would no longer go on with your daughter, because this is insult not a claim. I want to tell the story from the beginning, this woman waits for her daughter to leave the course outside, and our class ends at 16:30 she sometimes complained that i let her daughter leave later than normal and climbs stairs to pick her up so although she knows and experiences everything I ask WHY WHY.

I am an experienced teacher from now on as i audit the new teachers, hhahahahahahaha what a interesting and paradoxical thing. even though i think i need to be audited, i do that, there was an Azerbaijanian  girl at Amerikan culture. I let her attend my class. we had fun our subject was present simple and do does. here is the shocking new for me. Yasemin was there as well, and she left there without saying nothing because i did not pay attention to her when i was about to start my course. Yeah Girls, Like each of them Yasemin expect everything at the wrong time.

See you Guys. May GOD give you patience and serenity

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