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Do Not Go Where The Path May Lead, Go Instead Where There Is No Path And LEAVE a TRAIL ....
By R. Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Do Not Know

There is something inside of me that i cannot be sure what it is. Today, My father has been warned by his managers for not doing the task which even a slave can do. My father works at a government school as assistant worker. There are about 30 classes and so many rooms and place needs to be cleaned. Former principal of the school used to hire 5 more people in addition to 3 permanent staffs so they just finish what they are supposed to do however there are just 2 staff and they are expected to do the same which was used to be done by 8 people so they cannot not they do not. And they refuse to work much without being paid. When some people are given authority they think they are the center of the power so that ... anyway i do not wanna swear. Slavery does not end, it always exists, it does exist in people`s mind. We just change its shape in modern times. We have so many rights on paper, not in practice. God damn slavery, cruelty, and these stupid people who think they can control everything. MAY GOD LET ME BE AN ADMINISTRATOR AND TEACH THEM HOW TO BE A MAN BEFORE AUTHORITY. I hope ALLAH delivers you what you deserve. They pray 5 times a day but i ask for what you do that. Do not you know that if you have anybody`s right on you, you will never be forgiven by God. I was about to forget to mention that new school management`s excuse is that they do not have enough money to hire more men but the school has a sport facilities to be rented and they get 5000 TL every month  and 2000 from the school cafeteria. Last year they did not have those but they could hire people. I really wonder the reason why they do not hire anybody although they have much more money than they had 1 year ago. I let you guess my friends, I do not want to think about any other things but it is quite clear. You all know what is going on here in Turkey. The great poet Mehmet Akif ERSOY says that in short,"When a man falls, everybody wants to squash. 

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