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Be compassionate to the needy, Neither squander wealth nor hoard it. Never lose your sense of shame, if questions are asked of you, answer them frankly but do not ask too many yourself. Be manly and of good cheer. Never kill a foe who is begging for mercy and be ever loyal in love

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Do Not Go Where The Path May Lead, Go Instead Where There Is No Path And LEAVE a TRAIL ....
By R. Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Being successful is so important in everybody`s life, i think. Everybody wants to be awarded and respected but there is a problem here nobody struggles enough to have it, they just want. Yeah,

Having some courses besides American studies is also great chance for us because they motivate us to be more successful. As a student and also a teacher, i would like to have some courses on literature, drama and art of photography. The reasons are these; literature is a different way of life and it gives pleasure to me while reading a novel or enjoying a poem. Literature is very interesting and has different things because you can know and discover new cultures, new people and new places inside of you with the help of writers, poets and composers. Let ` s think about a place that you have never been. İs it so important to have been there before? İ think it is not because you can use your imagination to create your own world inside of your mind via literature. Literature enfranchises you whatever you need to imagine what you want. The Lord Of The Rings and Harry Potter series by J. R. R. Tolkien and J.K. Rowling are the most contemporary and best examples because in both books we encounter very different worlds that have ever been created. For those reason i wanna have literature courses.

And drama… I always ask this question to myself; what is drama? İs it a reflection of the life and world or is it a simple play that is invented to deceive ourselves. İ think drama is a perfect platform to imitate the life that we actually do not have. I believe in this “if i do not mock the life, by hook or crook it mocks me so i wanna take the control of life instead of letting it take the control of my life. As it is said that “Life is a hysterical desire   desired hysterically” by ZIVA. “Let's Play Pretend... and Act Like It Goes Naturally.” by Seyma T. EROL. So we play a game in a game i think drama course will be very helpfull to teach me how to act in this game.

And my love: art of photography. When i look back the past in which people could not have any chance to take the screen what exactly is. No matter how many times they have tried, they could not reflect the passion and the dreams or the reality that they witness but now we are able to show every single details of life; a bird feeding its infant or a cloud while snowing in a charming style. I wanna be like a mirror for reflecting life from my point of view.

Herewith, the answer of the question of why some people are more successful is so simple because they are sure about what they want and desire so they are successful.

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