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Do Not Go Where The Path May Lead, Go Instead Where There Is No Path And LEAVE a TRAIL ....
By R. Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Once upon a time there was a nation on the central asian steppe living in tents and doing their best task; fighting for their aim under the shadow of peace and mercy. Who thought that one day they would come to Anatolia going beyond the mountains and the hills. When they gathered together, they constructed a miracle. The name of the miracle has been TURKEY up till now. This is TURKEY; this is the motherland of so many civilizations; Assyria, Lydia, Hittite, Byzantium, Ottoman.

And this is our turn; the turn of TURKISH REPUPLIC. We are the growing power of both middle east and southern europe with our language and culture. I think it is not generally known that our history goes back to the beginnig of history. Isn't it weird that sometimes we think we are at the center of the world but however you think on it, i think we are right for having such ideas like that because as one italian says that if the world were one country, Istanbul would be its capital. This is alone enough to fall in love with Istanbul… Istanbul is not,of course, the one that we have, it is just a simple example of our culture. Istanbul is our cornerstone because Dar-i saadet in other words Asithane, Darü’s Saltanatü’l Seniyye , Konstantinopol or most common known now Istanbul shows the diversity of the nations that Istanbul has. Unlike Europe, Anatolian people gives importance to family, friendship and neighbourhood values. Let`s look at beauty and mystery of Anatolian and Turkish culture. I am sure that if you watch them you are gonna adore the whirling dervishs while they pray to GOD. Or you are not able to forget the magnificent mosques and palaces or churches that combine the indulgence and love together. Turkey is like a bridge not only between two continents but also between two great cultures and civilizations which dominate the earth; east and west. You can see so many people having a western lifesytle and living in metropolitans and also you can come across so many people who have islamic and eastern way of life. Women wearing scarf and driving luxery cars can easily be seen on the street in many cities. That shows that we have wide range of diversity. İf you wanna hear something about our language, Turkish is affected by so many other languages and cultures such as chinese, arabic, french because of our relationships with other countries and also the religions that we believe. But although it has been affected so many times by other languages, it has always been the dominant language which has got so many beautiful songs, novels and poems. İf you would prefer to wander all around the country, fantastic stories will surely charm you.

In short, we are here to welcome you sincerely and eager to show and demonstrate our fantastic culture and way of life which carry a lot of interesting things in it. This is TURKEY and she waits for you.


  1. Istanbul itself is the best example of how we Turks are gentle towards various cultures and people. But who understands us?...



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