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By R. Waldo Emerson

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Teaching or in other word education is one of the most important key of a nation or the whole world as we can exist and develop the life on earth via it so it can be infered that life would be so hard without education. Considering these brief information, we can easily claim that a life without education cannot be thought or even dreamed.

For reaching our aims in education, we have to have some good teaching techniques for educating the people who are candidates to dedicate themselves for the future generation. Unlike the most common belief, being a teacher is not so easy. On the contrary, i think it is one of the most difficult profession on earth and it needs to be dealt with carefully. Of course we should be expert and give importance to that job so we are to be ready for doing this crucial task. We can talk about so many teaching methods here such as generative grammer method that gives grammer more than daily usage and information or we can mention about silent way method or any others. I think it will be useless thing to talk or discuss about what is going to be used while teaching because as an experinced english learner and a teacher i am sure about that education should be in the way that the students want.

According to my experiences, using an exact method is one of the key point of failure. Here is the explanation. We can make a resemblence between plants and students if the students are plants so we are the farmers and we should water them regularly and give the necessary items to the plants to provide them enough time and power to grow. All students are different kinds of plant, they have different personalities so we should have different medicine to get make them better when they need us, age is not so important and this subject is out of the word here, students can be at their six or sixty, the aim is to teach them perfectly. To me the best technique in teaching is knowing the student and the ability to provide the necessary knowledge them because if you do this both sides takes pleasure from what they want and they have desire to teach and to be taught. A smiling face is the secret for opening the locked doors to the teacher. İf we need to give an example, this is great; think about a student who is intellegent but lazy. How can we take his attention ? First we should be aware of why he is here and what he wants and then we should know what kind of subjects he likes so we can prepare a proper plan for him for example we present the subject hoe he likes, i must note that if we have a large class we should of course apply this by giving importance to majority`s attention.

In short i believe in that success is inevitable for the determined student and motivated teacher.


  1. Brother, I wish you had a chance to teach your perfect philosophy to some "teachers".

    I liked this post!

  2. education is the most important issue but but unfourtuantely untalented and reluctant people do this because they cant be anything and they choose being teacher because of its low remark on OSS( OKUZ SECME SINAVI)



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