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Thursday, January 10, 2013

ERG Theory

ERG Theory

Adelfer divides human necessities into three main groups; existence, relatedness, growth. The necessity of existence includes the fundamental necessities that these are the necessities which Maslow calls physiologic necessities and security necessities. The quittance of this can be fee, bonus, workplace environment, and social security at working life. The necessity of belonging includes a person’s necessity of being together and having social relationships with others. And these are similar to the necessities that Maslow calls as social necessities and prestige necessities. These are related to the feelings of friendship at work and sharing. The necessity of growth refers to self-fulfillment necessity in Maslow’s theory. This is related to having the chance of being creative at work and developing himself. Unlike Maslow’s, in this theory there is no ordering and strict limitation between necessities. The necessity of a person can be come out without following any orders and more than one necessity group can be triggering. According to Adelfer, if the necessities of a person are not met, they will turn back to former necessities. Adelfer added the notion withdrawal – the disappointment that emerges because of nonsatisfaction- to idea “satisfaction, progress” that Maslow say a person goes into upper level after satisfaction. For example; a person whose growth necessity is not met becomes disappointed and as a result of this there occurs an increase at the necessity of belonging. If the necessity of belonging is met, they feel to develop again. One of the notions that Adelfer brings is the separation of necessities perpetually and periodically. The perpetual one as it is understood from its name are the ones that motivate people. For example; the necessity of success.  The periodic ones come out sporadically and they lose their motivating feature as soon as they are satisfied. For example, the necessity of eating. (Baysal, 1996, s. 115)

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