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Friday, February 3, 2012


Course 1:  Child and Child Literature
Child perception, as it is accepted throughout the world, is bound to accept each child as miniature adults in Turkey, too. However, this perception has started to change in 19th and 20th centuries when serious studies were done about education and child psychology.  The increasing number of schools has accelerated this growth. Child Literature also started to appear during this period. According to UN child right agreement everybody till 18 years is accepted as child. Child Literature is defined such a literature that focuses the sense and thought by considering child`s understanding and comprehension level in adolescence period of child.  The early samples of Child Literature in Turkey of which early samples started to be written in Europe in 19th century started with translation in reform period of Ottoman Empire and then written samples were published.

Course 2: Child Literature in Reform and Constitutional Monarch Periods in Turkey
Child Literature in Turkey, of which early samples were written with the translation in reform period, accelerated its development in constitutional monarch period.  The reason of this is that the politicians of that period gave importance to education thereby children and Child Literature. Many famous child classics were translated during that period between 1908-1918. Over fifty child magazines and newspapers were published. Also, original child books started to be published in the period which the writers and scholars of the country began to have sensitivity about the importance of child education and literature. Child theatre studies also started in this period.

Course 3: Child Literature in Turkey During the Republic Era
Child Literature had a new stage after the foundation of the republic. Child Literature was used as a device to teach the new regime`s principals to the children. This period can be named as didactical period. Child Literature had another different stage under the affects of political and social conditions after the period which lasted till 1960s. Hundreds of child books that especially have left winked ideology were published in that period. The Child Literature in that period, that we can name it as an ideological period, tried to direct  children according to writers` point of view. 1980 military coup brought more conservative and apolitical status to country. In one hand Child Literature had a religious/ conservative way, on the other hand a new writer community who just wrote for children appeared. While the domination of child classics in this period that we can name it as poetic, qualified and original child literature works leaped out. Yalvaç Ural, Mustafa Ruhi Şirin, Gülçin Alpöge, Gülten Dayıoğlu, Fatih Erdoğan, Aytül Akal, Mavisel Yener, Mevlana İdris can be accepted today`s child literature writers.

Course -4: Turkish Literature from Reform Period to Republic
Turkish Literature had a new stage with reform period in 1839. Turkish Literature met many new genres like novel, fiction, theatre. In the new period that started with translation studies, Turkish literature turned into a brand new literature that contains qualified and original works.  While Turkish literature, which was defined as a literature of distinguished community with certain symbols in poetry, was changing, the basis of the modern poetry laid a foundation until 1923 when the republic was declared. Fiction; it was necessary to wait for the end of 19th century to read the early products of the fiction that just entered Turkish literature then. At the beginning of 1900s especially Ömer Seyfettin`s  fictions, which are widely read today,  still take attention. Novel genre samples that just entered Turkish Literature still exists with original works despite the technical troubles encountered. In the first quarter of 20th century, western style novel works started to appear.

Course-5; Modern Turkish Literature
The declaration of republic and starting to use the new alphabet in 1928 are the important effects on Turkish literature. In this period, qualified and original works started to appear in both poetry and fiction genre or in novel genre. Ideological and political oppositions were started to be seen in literature too as it was seen almost in every field of live especially since 1960s. After 1980 military coup, writers and scholars who were in self questioning began to change from art for people writer to art for art writer. These are the outstanding literatures;  
Poetry; Orhan Veli, Nazım Hikmet, Turgut Uyar, Necip Fazıl, İsmet Özel, Cemal Süreya ve Sezai Karakoç.
Fiction; Sait Faik, Refik Halit, Sabahattin Ali, Tarık Buğra, Memduh Şevket, Mustafa Kutlu, Nazlı Eray, Selim İleri.
Novel; Halit Ziya, Reşat Nuri, Yakup Kadri, Halide Edip, Peyami Safa, Ahmet Hamdi, Kemal Tahir, Oğuz Atay, Adalet Ağaoğlu, Nazlı Eray, İnci Aral, Orhan Pamuk, Selim İleri.

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