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Do Not Go Where The Path May Lead, Go Instead Where There Is No Path And LEAVE a TRAIL ....
By R. Waldo Emerson

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Today is Christmas which is holy time for Christians and tells the story about how Jesus reborns after being killed by the Roman Empire then. According to Christians` belief, on 21 of December Jesus dies or being killed and on 24 of December he reborns again but i believe that is the truth to be said that this is just an invented version of pagan belief into old, real christian belief  because when we search the history and other old belief systems which are not from God we can easily encounter that almost all pagan belief  systems has the story that their claimed god or gods die and reborn exactly the same date with the date i have mentioned above so we can obviously deduct that old pagan beliefs were settled to christian belief unfortunately. I t used to be a christian celebration but now it is also being widely celebrated by the non christian cultures and countries, i think ,this is because of the effect of trying to be the part of western countries  and culture and be accepted and be involved in. Today what we witness in Muslim countries is imitation especially in Turkey but not exactly the same way as they do, thanks God. As a matter of fact but we do not celebrate Christmas we just celebrate the new year and try to get rod of the stress which stems from its cargo. We have to be so careful that somebody could misunderstand us about what we are doing. The important thing is the spirit itself as Charles Dickens says in his work called Christmas Carol. Although so many Christians do not practice the necessities of the religion they can have the holidays or any other good things which are actually gifts for the believers so i believe that they just benefit from the religion just like us. Here in Turkey there are so many people, millions of people who do not pray five times a day or fast during Ramadan month or we can count so many others. However they can have the holidays or happy times so i think those who do like that are claimed Muslims. Anyway everybody is same whatever their beliefs are or who they are or what they are thought to be, so the result is that WE ARE HYPOCRITE. 

Anyway I wish a happy christmas to everybody and happy new year.

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