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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My army days

Now that ı write something about my friends from army, I would like to write more - I want to tell more about them especially short term ones as far as I remember. First one is Uğur who is textile engineer and from Mersin, he is very handsome and I think attractive. At least I can say that he is the most handsome among us, I say that because whenever we went out, almost all girls gazed at him anyway that is truth whether we like or not. He has lots of dreams about business. He would like to launch first a workshop and then a factory, I hope he can. Now he is in Mersin and works for a company which works on import and export and that's all I know for the time being.
Second one is İbrahim, our eldest member, he is 32 years old and he has just completed hıs obligatory service 12 years later than it is supposed to be but I have to mention that he was the most athletic energetic soldier in the unit. Although he is from Erzurum which is accepted as the city where rude people live -of course ı do not agree with that- he is very romantic, we used to speak about our old loves and adventures when we were at gates as guards at night, now he is in Bodrum and he work on Tourism. He wants to develop his English because he really needs it. I think he is such kind of immigrant as he spends his 6 months in Bodrum other 6 months in İstanbul. That's all I can say about İbrahim.
Well, the third one is Muhammed İkbal who works at Üsküdar municipality in İstanbul. İkbal is a one track mind person; it is hard to change his mind and he is a religious man so he prays 5 times a day. İkbal is originally from Kırşehir but Konya is his second house. We had some quarrels with İkbal but we made up them and now we are fine but ı have a story that made him crazy; once were doing our services as night watchers and we had to wait for 2 hours after midnight  but that night clocks were supposed to take forward so the country could benefit from sunlight more anyway ı was the night watcher between 9-12 pm and offered something to he commander and persuaded him to change the schedule so ı just waited 2 hours instead of 3. İkbal and other nightwatchers were expecting to have just 1 hour thanks to the new time table but because of my new plan thy waited 2 hours and it was one of the bigest surprises for them. Well,  I think those days were funny beside being torture.
The fourth one is Ömer. He is the guy who is from Bitlis and advocatesor supports bdp which is a political party that has some links with terrorists group pkk. I actually think he is ok a good guy but like İkbal he has rigid pricise ideas about what he believes. He is a map engineer and works in Bitlis with his uncle. He graduated from an Azerbaycan University. He is single but can be accepted engaged as she was talking to a girl who was calling from Azerbaycan.
The fifth one is Alper who is originally from Erzurum but does not want to live there. He was working as banker at Halkbank but then he has been appointed as agriculture engineer to Kütahya. I do not know how he is now or what he does because we havent talked for 3 months I think. He is flat child he spent his childhood among concrete buildings and did everything with the help of his family especially his mother that's why he did not want to study university outside of Ankara.
And the last one is me

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