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Do Not Go Where The Path May Lead, Go Instead Where There Is No Path And LEAVE a TRAIL ....
By R. Waldo Emerson

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ying Yang

i am going to summarize what happened to me yesterday actually some hours ago. i met adem who is my college friend Ataturk university to recall old days and had a good time. i woke up at 8 am and got prepared to set off we met in eminonu and went to gulhane for having breakfast. we sat down on a place where is up to yenikapi down to topkapi palace, i cannot find any suitable words to express my feelings anyway then (adem had to pee) :))) :))))) we went to bayrampasa to forum istanbul which is a big shopping mall, in it Turkuazoo one of the biggest fish nest in Europe. i think it was really wonderful to see salt sea fishes including piranhas and sharks pictures above belongs to it. Then we went to coach station to buy a inter-cities ticket to igdir then we went to zeytinburnu to get on the light railway because at noon the trafiic around these area is awful that s why we hesitated to get on buses, we got off in karakoy and wanted to eat something there we found a good place and ordered ezogelin soup and iskender then we started to climb to istiklal street and taksim we wandered for a while there get back. i saw off adem at half past 5 then i got on uskudar ferry from eminonu. When i arrived uskudar i got on 11 us bus to go my home but it was my off day and i wanted to spent the rest of the day with my darling and called her we met in madenler and ate something together then got on 522 st to go to kavacik where we were planning to watch a nice movie; Resident Evil 3 but everything went wrong at first there was an accident on the road i think mostly probably because of the rain rained minutes ago the way which is normally 15 minutes took 45 minutes this was the first annoying thing because we missed the time we wanted to watch the movie after that when we arrived at cinema the time was 9 pm and second bad news, the girl who is in charge said "there is no enough people to let you in and turn on the movie" we shocked. Yasemin got angry with me because she was from work and she was tired but there was nothing that i could do, it was not my fault. and the third event, on the way back home we could not find a bus and had to walk down to street for 10 minutes so this made crazy yasemin as she was exhausted both because she walked waited and could not watch the movie. When we arrived our alternative bus stop we again waited for 15 minutes and the bus which we got on was too crowded to move in it but thanks God someone gave his seat to yasemin so she could sit otherwise i cant imagine what could happen because she was already tired. this is not the end of the story we had to get on 2 buses from kavacik to tasdelen and the crowded one was the first anyway we got off in madenler in camlik and got on tasdelen bus but this one was not crowded. i was lookin g at yasemin`s face and could read nothing but anger she thought that everything was my fault. If there had not been an accident we would not have experinced these. the story goes on, at about 10 pm we arrived yasemin`s house, while i was trying to persuade yasemin that it was not my fault my crashed my head to yasemin`s arm and another bad news is coming, my glasses was broken and i went my own house in the morning yasemin called me and told that she did not have money which she urgently needed to buy ticket to tekirdag and use in day time , it was 6 am in the morning when she called me, at first i thought she was joking but i noticed the truth in short time, i had to wake up and draw money and took it to yasemin. yes it was a short story my 24 hours. now it is almost 9 am and i have to work today without my glasses it is weekend and i do not think there are open glasses shops. that day was a total ying yang; there was a beauty in dark, and a dark in beauty.

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