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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I have just noticed!

It has been 6 years since I started to write this blog and I see that when I look back I was a kinda lazy in writing or I think I was not capable in other words reluctant to express what I really experince. I sometimes wrote about my own experinces ans sometimes about daily activities. There has been much change in my life when I summarise my last six year. After I got graduated from University, I found a job at American Culture Cekmekoy branch, I worked there about two years, then I joined army for siz months compulsory service. Having finished my service in Turkish army, I got married Yasemin in 2011 two years after we graduated, upon that I quitted my job at American Culture and found a better job for my nucleus family but because our salaries were not enough and got many debts, I had to work in the evenings and at the weekends that`s why I could not spend much time with her. In 2012 I hold my little world Almila on my arms in October then everything has started to change in my life spiritually but my responsibilities has doubled and now I have to work more.

I opened that to write a totally different subject but I am writing my life. The real subject was supposed to be my laziness.

Insallah, when I have my willingness back to write, I am gonna fill these pages about the stuff.

Let`s summarise the life instead writing it long sentences for the time being.

1. Almila is with us.
2. Nothing is more worhty than her smile.
3. I changed job, I no longer work for Doga, My new school is Derya Oncu but it remains to be seen what is gonna happen here.
4. Almila can walk even run I love her much more than everybody and everything.
5. I have serious problems with my family espacially with the person who the others address as my sister.
6. I cannot do anything for house, I wanna redecorate the house from head to foot.
7. I have very good friends at work, I thank my dear God for making me know them.
8. I still sometimes have quarrel with Yasemin, this must the salt of marriage.
9. My father still complains about my working at private sector as if I love it.
10. Almila can talk, she calls me "Muamme" I hope I will father instead of "r".

To be Continued.

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