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Do Not Go Where The Path May Lead, Go Instead Where There Is No Path And LEAVE a TRAIL ....
By R. Waldo Emerson

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I cut off Everything

I am aware it has been so long since ı wrote last that ı do not even know when the last writing was. Anyway, ı have tons of things to tell to you my dear blog. Let's begin. Firstly, the reason why ı stopped writing is the aim of being appointed as a permanent teacher at a goverment school but ı did not study fo the exam so the result is failure. the days past like that then ı went to Trabzon with my wife and ı stayed there 3 weeks then ı went to my village despite my wife's all rejects. when ı arrived the village there was a funeral of Usta family. At the night of that day my uncle and our neighbours son died. They were buried two days later because we waited for their relativies from İstanbul, Bursa, Zonguldak and Ankara. ı was lack of internet during those days so ı could not write anything then I went İstanbul at the first day of Ramazan of 2012.Although ı had my cmputer and internet ı did not want to write as ı was alone and this was fucking boring, I even got tıred of doing nothing. The following days ı started to play with Nurettin who is Yıldıray's brother in law. I spent Ramazan like that of course ı went to work but there is no need to write about it. Before Ramazan festival Yasemin ( my wife) called me and told that she was not able to come because of some illness. ohh my GOD, this was a terrible news as ı had almost finished all preparations for her arrival. ı even cleaned all the house and fix all broken things, ı planned a perfect bayram festival together. there was nothing to do except going to Trabzon and now ı am here in Trabzon but now we cannot go back because Yasemin cannot travel by bus and the plane tickets are fucking expensive. I hope we can go as soon as possible as the more we wait the dangerous the travel for her.
By the way ı had not shaved for 3 months and this morning ı did

Here are some pictures of my summer

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