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By R. Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

To Study At School or To Have a Job

It has been argued these days that many children are forced to stay at school and study subjects that will be little value to them in the future. These children may disrupt the education of the majority and should be allowed to leave school early to find themselves a job. Education is the biggest matter that needs to be questioned for societies to asnwer and to be appleıd properly. It is impossible for societies to have totally witted youngs or individuals so, that is very naturel to have some lazy or rebellious students. I think there is no use of forcing these kids to go to school everyday despite their unwillingness. The best thing that can be done might allow those children to have some jobs considering their interest and abilities.And also If we want these children to have a profession we should let them decide what they want instead of pushing them into the way where we want them to go. Besides these, everyone cannot be white collar workers, someone needs to be blue collar workers that the system can run without trouble.

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