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Friday, January 15, 2010

Life is so sophisticated

         Today is the third friday of the month of january of 2010. I am writing these meaningless things at home but do not think I am desperate, I have so hopes deep inside me. I am gonna try to express my feelings, which yield to jump out for a long time, this time. I have been working in a private foundation for about six months, I have a nice and relax job in Istanbul but its salary is not enough to construct a comfortable life with the girl whom I adore and wanna marry and also its is not enough to help my family. however while i am comlplaning about this, so many people outside of these walls, which hide me, struggle to have a life with little money so this makes me crazy. I wanna help people but i cannot. Anyway it is no use to write here something. I have decided to do something very important in my life. I will go everywhere wherever it is because everyinches of this country belongs to us and if we do not save it, GOD DAMN SHITS HAPPEN. I want to be volunteer for going south east border of Turkey while I am servicing my compulsary millitary service and if I can do, i wanna spend rest of my life there. everybody scares everybody hesitates everybody locks their minds and mouths. It is too difficult for a nation to have such kind of territory during 1000 years but we achieved as always. if so many people were able to be sacrified for this, so can we.  I am aware maybe I am writing in vain but this is all i can do for the time being. Whatever.
I wanna mention about how mydays are spent: everyday I wake up and go to work and have classes and come back home at 10 pm, friday is my off day.
very enjoyable, right ???????
I have been reading a book about Abdulhamid the second of Ottoman Empire. I claim that if this man had not been given birth, we wouldnt have had neither Ataturk nor Turkey. We owe this counrty first to GOD second to Ottoman dynasty ( of course not every of them ).
I miss having exams, I miss talking with my friends from university, I miss you guys YASEMIN, EMRAH, MUSTAFA(S), AKIF, MEHMET, TANNUR, YAGMUR and her group, AHMET(S), SEYMA and (OMER despite everything whatever happened between us).


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  1. Muammer, I appreciate your decision on making your military service in the east. I wanna do my teaching somewhere there too. And we missed you too our photographer.:) I was with Tannur a few days ago. We talked about you, the uni...
    Take care.



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