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By R. Waldo Emerson

Monday, August 31, 2009

today was a very tiring day for me

Today was a very tiring day for me. Because I went to bed at 5.00 am and I woke up at 11 am. I was not off today so I went to work after 3 o'clock. I had so many stuffs to do!  First i  read the exam that my starter group had then prepared another exam for my other group. It was ok till that time. After that I had to deal wıth so many thıngs on the net. It took at least 5 hours to finish everything. Despıte all attempts I did, I could not complete my registiration then i went to my class for english teaching. All the students were at their seats but one. Iftar was comıng closer and I was reluctant to have a class at Iftar hour. Today our topıcs were "have to, has to, can, cannot, must" and building complex sentences using these. They were almost successful to do it  but they need to practice it; they have to. there are so many important exams like toefl, toeıc and the list goes on with kpds. Kpds is the easiest one. Be sure!!!!!!!!!! I am so tired I need to eat something. Next time i wanna write somethıng on a book about KAFKA.


  1. wow u r reading exams...goood luck with ur job.

    bY the way, ıa m reading kafka's stories and on the edge of faint due to boredom.

  2. unexpectable and unacceptable post.. you need an editor dude, pay me half you get we re fit, ok?

    and dont even talk about kafka.. man!



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